Limited Liability

Limitation of the application liability.


Beboran is a mobile application providing information, shared by paediatricians, on baby development and complimentary feeding. The application aims to inform and help parents when taking care of their infants.

Limited Liability

Beboran is a solely informative platform and does not aim to substitute your paediatrician’s consultations regarding your baby’s complementary feeding and health. The application neither makes diagnoses, nor suggests treatment of problematic conditions. If you suspect that something is wrong with your baby, immediately seek consultations with your paediatrician.

The information, references and graphics provided by Beboran are based solely on the data input by you. Please have in mind that you should not rely solely on the application to receive information about the immunization calendar, visits to the doctor, weight gain and feeding frequencies regarding your baby, because all these are based only on the data you enter. The application is not a medical device, we do not control the way you use it, and we are not responsible for the correctness of the data you enter.