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About Beboran

Because children are the future.

Beboran is an application focused on complementary feeding of babies.

Created by paediatricians, who are also parents, it provides you with the basic information about your baby’s development and feeding from its birth until its first-year anniversary. You can quickly and easily get informed about different foods, their nutrients, when to include them in the baby’s menu and how to prepare them in accordance with the latest rules and recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). You can check the “when” and “how” of every new food you want to offer your little one.

You can easily and quickly record metrics regarding height, weight, sleep and diaper change. Data is graphically visualized to be most useful and provide most information at a glance, both to you and your paediatrician.

The know-how was shared with Beboran by a team of paediatricians with Vanya Gerdzhikova M.D. and Blagovesta Angelova M.D as the key contributors. The texts are based on combinations of many different sources: textbooks of Paediatrics containing the collective knowledge of generations of medical experts, all up-to-date recommendations by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Paediatric Association (EPA). It is well-known that feeding tips and developmental norms have gone through many changes in the years due to new scientific discoveries and studies, and this can further confuse the already troubled parent, who is reading various sources struggling to do what’s best for their baby.

In Beboran you can quickly and easily read about what to expect and what is best to do in every specific month. You can look up a certain food to see the recommendations about when and how to include it in the baby’s diet, as well as its nutrients and their concentration. You will also get useful tips how to find high-quality products, which is best to buy of “bio” quality, and which are good just as they are.

Beboran gives you access to the most important information on the month-by-month neuropsychological and physical development, and also the sleep patterns of the baby.


Get to know the application structure and functions to get the most of its potential.

  • Customization


    Custom information relevant to your baby’s current age.

  • Growth


    The baby’s metrics. Data is kept and will be used to graphically visualize the growth progress.

  • Feeding


    Detailed information about the nutrients contained in more than 50 foods, arranged by type.

  • Development


    The collective information about your baby’s development during its first year, compiled and arranged by months.

  • Kinds of food

    Kinds of food

    Systematized month-to-month information about the foods that have been included in the baby’s diet so far, in accordance with the complementary feeding rules.


The application screens

Our Great Team of Experts

Meet the team of medical specialists who wrote the helpful content of the Beboran app.

Vanya Gerdzhikova M.D.

Vanya Gerdzhikova M.D.


Blagovesta Angelova M.D.

Blagovesta Angelova M.D.


Plamena Gyorevska M.D.

Plamena Gyorevska M.D.


Kristin Genkova M.D.

Kristin Genkova M.D.



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