Vaccine Side Effects

Vaccine Side Effects

Mothers want to know about the side effect of vaccines and this is quite understandable. In the recent years facts on the topic were wildly dramatised and the exaggerated information caused an unnecessarily big fear in society.

Here is some information on the possible side effects of the vaccines, prepared by our team of paediatricians.

It is possible, that in some children short-lasting adverse reactions will appear in the first 48 hours. They may be common, i.e. systemic (increased body temperature up to 38° С, loss of appetite, anxiety or drowsiness), and local (redness and/or swelling in the site of injection, pain at touch). In babies, systemic effects are typically observed, and in older children – local effects. If there is a local reaction, it is recommended to apply a cooling pad, for example with Rivanol. In the case of increased temperature, the intake of paracetamol or ibuprofen is recommended.

Cases in which vaccines are NOT recommended: when there is fever, acute infectious diseases, active form of tuberculosis, various chronic diseases (of the liver, kidneys, etc.), severe allergies. The vaccine can worsen these conditions. It is recommended to wait until fully healed, before the vaccine is administered. For example, children with atopic dermatitis can be vaccinated when the condition is in remission.

In conclusion, side effects of vaccines are extremely rare and the benefits for the individual and the community are much greater than the adverse effects.

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