Safe Sleeping Position for the Baby

Safe Sleeping Position for the Baby

During the first year, babies spend a considerable portion of their days sleeping. Human babies are born dependant and certain safety measures should be taken to protect the life and health of the little ones while they are sleeping.

Latest researches show that the safest sleeping position for the baby is on the back. Resting on one side is not dangerous, but allows the babies to roll on their tummies more easily. Sleeping on the stomach poses increased risk of the Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). When babies learn how to turn from their back over to their tummy and vice versa, it is considered that their muscles are strong enough and the SIDS risk is insignificant – this means, that if the baby turns over in its sleep, you don’t need to adjust it on its back again.

Babies should sleep on comparatively hard mattresses, without a pillow. Do not put any toys, baby bumpers, or thick covers in the cot. The most convenient option is probably a sleeping bag – while turning around in it the baby cannot cover its head. All these measures are taken in order to prevent the risk of suffocation – infants cannot control their heads, cannot lift or move them in case an object is pressed against their faces and blocks the airways.

It is recommended to have the baby sleeping in the parents’ bedroom at least during the first 6 months, at best during the first year. The room temperature should not be too high (20 °C is an optimal temperature if the baby sleeps in pyjamas and not very thick sleeping bag). Breastfeeding and the use of pacifiers are also considered to lower the risk of SIDS.

Take these simple and basic measures to ensure the good night sleep and health of your baby, and also enjoy some rest to recuperate.

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